BO2 Zombies: 4th DLC

For the 4th and last DLC of the BO2 "season", Treyarch introduced the map Origins to BO2 zombies. It was based on a German base during WW2 that was raided by zombies. The intro cutscene helps explain that a little better. This map is the one that essentially started everything, it was the beginning of… Continue reading BO2 Zombies: 4th DLC


BO2 Zombies: 3rd DLC

The 3rd DLC to be released brought a map called Buried. It was centered in an old western town that was abandoned. It introduced some new things like a new perk called Vulture-Aid which made zombies drop money or ammo bullets when you killed them. This map also had a character called Leroy which was… Continue reading BO2 Zombies: 3rd DLC